KinderStar is an international standard bilingual preschool with a capacity of 900 students. The school grounds have been built to an exceptional standard and boasts 62% devoted to play areas with a huge amount of grassed sections for children to play and learn in during the day and after school. We have applied modern approaches and models of raising and educating children in combination with selective pedagogical methods. Kinderstar has created high standards in every aspect of the school; from infrastructure and learning environments, to the quality and approach of education, we strive to fulfill our school slogan: "Vietnamese values - international standards".



KinderStar’s Moon Festival

KinderStar’s Moon Festival Mid – Autumn Festival is one of the events which KinderStar’s students enjoy every year. The lanterns looked like a wave of stars hung all over the school...

Moon cakes are made by KinderStar's chefs.

Moon cakes are made by KinderStar's chefs. Moon cakes are made by KinderStar's chefs...

 Frequent Health Checks (2017- 2018)

Frequent Health Checks (2017- 2018) As a professional preschool, we pay attention not only to the teaching program but also to our student’s health. KinderStar focusses on the activities that directly relate to children’s health and safety such as medical education issues...